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Wood Pellet Application #4: Hot Spring

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❉ Are you interested in traveling and discovering new places? If you are, what will you do in the freezingly cold winter? I guess that hot spring is one of the perfect destinations for you to not only avoiding such cold weather but also enjoying the surrounding beautiful scenes. Currently, there would be a large number of well-known hot springs or wellsprings alluring flock of tourists all over the world, especially Japan and EU countries. 

❉ This proves that the world has seen an increasing number of hot springs needs, which means that people must find out more resources to meet the requirements. However, coal or gas is on the edge of exhaustion due to mass demands from almost industries. Meanwhile, Wood Pellets are pervasive thanks to the enormous volume of wood worldwide. This results in the fact that the expenditure for wood pellets will be more reasonable than other resources. As a result, it is necessary for businesses to utilize Wood Pellets.


OVERC was established in Vietnam, which has 17 FTA (Free Trade Agreement).
Vietnam is one of the countries with the most FTAs in the world. 

Our main activities are manufacturing and distributing Wood Pellets and Wood Waste. Our wood pellets products, which are made from Accacia veneer residual 100% or wood waste (logs, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings,…), have been exported to many countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, EU, etc. 

OVERC Co.,Ltd would like to wish you all the best at this time.
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