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Wood Pellet Application #3: Cat litter

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Wood pellets are made from compressed wood shavings. These wood shavings are sourced from excess wood, a byproduct of the lumber industry. You’ll be happy to hear that there is no strip mining involved! Wood pellets make a renewably sourced, eco-friendly litter. As a bonus, wood pellets are also biodegradable.

And here are some advantages of wood pellets over traditional cat litter:

Easy odor control. Many cat owners have found that clay does not absorb odors well. This can be unpleasant to you and your guests. Wood pellets have a fresh, woodsy scent. Wood pellets can absorb odor and many cat owners insist wood pellets smell great.

Wood pellets are lightweight. Clay kitty litter is heavy and can make cleaning out the cat box a serious chore. Wood pellets are lightweight, and turn into fluffy sawdust when wet. This means cleaning out the cat box comes with less heavy lifting.

Soiled wood pellets are compostable. Clay litter has to go in the trash. Soiled wood pellet litter can be composted and can decompose naturally. This reduces household waste. Additionally, compost can be used to enrich soil.

Wood pellets are inexpensive. You’ll find that wood pellets are a cheaper solution for your litter box needs.

Your cat’s health. Your cat licks his paws to stay clean. If he/she ingests clumping litters while doing so, it can create painful gastrointestinal blockages.

Source: Widernesscat


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