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Wood Pellet Application #2: Pellet cooking stove

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* The world has seen the rapid exhaustion of energy resources such as coal, oil or gas. Such resources have a detrimental impact on our environment. Therefore, it is important to find out alternative green resources in order to meet the world’s energy requirements and boost our economy. In which, wood pellet is one of the proper solutions for this problem. Specifically, we should consider using a wood pellet cooking stove instead of a coal cooking stove.

́* And here are some advantages of utilizing Wood Pellet Cooking Stove:

– Dealing with by-product problems, especially rice husks in the countryside: An increasing number of produce demands result in a large number of by-products which can become waste if we fail to tackle. In such situation, it is vital to utilize wood pellets

– Save the fossil resources, establish less carbon economy: There are less toxic chemical compounds and smoke released into the air with a pellet stove when compared to other options. While a pellet stove isn’t carbon neutral it emits such a low level of carbon gas.

– Safeguard the environment.


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