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Wood Pellet Application #1: Pellet stove

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In many Western countries, the moment Fall weather hits, they start building fires. Inside, outside, while camping, at dinner parties, and any other way you can imagine. It seems to be such a relaxing and cozy thing that they just love to do. 

There are two types of fuel when it comes to wood-burning stoves—firewood and wood pellets—and each works in different types of stoves. Compared to the traditional wood heat stove or fireplace, the pellet stove is a different breed altogether. It’s considered a convenient and clean way of heating your home.

And here are some advantages of using pellet stove over traditional wood heat stove:

*The fire lasts for a long time. Once you’ve loaded the wood pellets up, the fire should last for 3-4 hours. After a few hours you can add more pellets if you want to keep the fire going longer.

*It’s sustainable and produces less waste. Wood pellets are made by compressing recycled saw dust. And the fire only produces a tiny amount of ash. 

*Best for Repair and Maintenance: Since only pellet fuel is used in pellet stoves, there is no bark or wood chip mess to clean. Operating a pellet stove is clean and almost smokeless. 

*Best for Installation: Most pellet stoves cost between $1,700 and $3,000. However, a pellet stove is often cheaper to install than a conventional wood-burning heater.


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