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OVERC is proud to be one of Hoang Chau Plywood International's film faced plywood distributors - a pioneer in coppha-film-faced-plywood manufacturing companies with over 10 years of development.

The plywood of Hoang Chau Company has been presented in many key projects across the country such as Vinpearl resort Nha Trang, Sala complex city, Samora residence Riverside, Kenton complex building, Topaz home 2, Suoi Tien Bcons Building, Landmark 81 high rise building, Hory factory Vietnam, Cu Chi hospital, Metro Station Ben Thanh, An Giang traditional medicine Hospital, SMC steel factory, Song Hau 1 thermal power plant, Gia Dinh people’s hospital, …

OVERC has received a great amount of trust and love from customers since we always pay attention to our customers the most. This leads to the fact that we are motivated to make more efforts and further improvements in producing our best quality coppha plywood, providing each customer with the most friendly policies.


1/ Such plywoods have an almost absolute flat surface, smooth concrete surface and do not usually need plastering, therefore, they can embellish the construction.

2/ They have advantages in compact weight which enables people to deliver and construct easier.

3/ Thanks to the film face, the plywood is not waterproof which can limit termites and damage. This leads to the fact that it can be recycled and reused, which assists businesses to minimalise costs.


1/ Glue

Glue is considered a vital ingredient in the plywood’s water-resistance which is divided into two main groups: water and moisture resistance. Each type gives plywood different properties:

- WBP Plywood  (Water Boiled Proof)  - WATER-RESISTANT

WBP is the generic term for water-resistant glue, not the proper name of any glue product. Coffa plywood is made up of many different "layers of wood", when using WBP glue, it can withstand the outdoor environment, humid weather or regular connection with water without falling apart. Common types of WBP glue plywood:

+ WBP - Phenolic

+ WBP - Common Melamine type

+ WBP - Excellent melamine


Plywood using MR glue is often used indoors and in less humid places. When using this type of board, we must be careful not to expose the plywood to water. Because of the use of MR glue, which only has the properties of moisture resistance, MR glue plywood is only able to withstand boiling for a maximum of 30 minutes and is rarely chosen for coppha in construction works.


Film is the outer coating of plywood, it is structured with Phenolic laminate paper, so it owns good water resistance, smooth surface, and protects the plywood from mechanical impacts during construction and transportation.

3/ Plywood Core 

Film-coated coppha plywood has diverse origins, mainly large trees such as oak, cherry, ... In Vietnam, we often use acacia, eucalyptus, and rubber.

OVERC - Vietnam

OVERC was established in Vietnam, which has 17 FTA (Free Trade Agreement).

Vietnam is one of the countries with the most FTAs in the world.

Our main activities are manufacturing and distributing Wood Pellets, Plywood and Funiture.

Our wood source are made from plantation wood (Legal source/FSC).

Apart from that, our products have been exported to many countries around the world such as EU, Australian, Japan, Korea, etc.

OVERC Co.,Ltd would like to wish you all the best at this time. 

For more information on our products, please visit our website at OVERC.VN - Renewable World.