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Hardwood pellets or softwood pellets?

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As you may know, wood pellets can be classified into hardwood pellets and softwood pellets. In general, hardwood comes from a deciduous tree which loses its leaves annually and softwood comes from a conifer, which usually remains evergreen. 

+ Hardwood pellets are made of acacia, birch, poplar, etc. 

+ Softwood pellets are made of pine, mahogany, cedar, spruce, etc.

So should we choose hardwood pellets or softwood pellets? In fact, the quality of wood pellets is determined by how it is produced rather than which wood it is made of. Hardwood and softwood pellets go through similar processing so the final products end up having the same density. When you use wood as fuel to burn, you get the results nature made. 

However, if you choose wood pellets, the manufacturer decides the effectiveness of your fuel. Since your wood pellet manufacturer has the power to make a product with the ideal traits, you deserve a supplier that takes advantage of that opportunity.


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