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OVERC are professional company in the field of producing and distributing Wood Pellets, Plywood and Funiture.

Our mission is to create a more renewable energy future and a better world by distributing one of the top quality wood products under the sustainable standards, that is “Renewable World”.

OVERC Co., Ltd was established in Vietnam, which has 17 FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Vietnam is one of the countries with the most FTAs in the world.

Our wood products have been exported to a large number of countries around the world such as EU, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. with high quality, large quantities and competitive prices.

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  1. 1
    We have authoritative experts for testing process.
  2. 2
    Our service team have been meticulously trained for anytime.
  3. 3
    Right product & Right quantity & Right time (3R).
  4. 4
    Competitive price.
  5. 5
    Good freight.
  6. 6
    Our core value: Integrity.

OVERC has received a great amount of trust and love from customers since we always pay attention to our customers the most.

This leads to the fact that we are motivated to make more efforts and further improvements in producing our best quality wood products, providing each customer with the most friendly policies.

With the competitive price, friendly cooperation spirit, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, as well as high-quality products, we believe that OVERC will satisfy our partners and customers.



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